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Companion Dogs
From arthritis to recovery after injury or surgery physiotherapy puts your pet on the road to recovery.
Working Dogs

Reluctance to work? Intermittent lameness? Agility times dropping off? Find out how physiotherapy can help.

After surgery, injury or simply with age your cat may be less playful and inquisitive. Physiotherapy helps your cat do all those things that only cats do….
Napping, bucking, rearing, taking poles down or “just not right” can all mean your horse is in pain. A pain free horse = a happy horse and rider!

Welcome to Vital Vet Physio

Does your horse, dog or cat need Jill Hall, a Chartered Physiotherapist?

Qualified Yorkshire animal physio Jill Hall Grad Dip Phys MCSP, PG Dip Vet Phys, ACPAT CAT A is a Chartered Physiotherapist based in Harrogate who works across Yorkshire. She works with horses, dogs and cats to identify and treat problems which are causing pain, or loss of function.

After 25 years working in the NHS as a human physiotherapist, Jill qualified as a Chartered Physiotherapist at Liverpool University School of Veterinary Science. Jill works with your vet, farrier, saddler, trainer and hydrotherapist to provide a joined-up, patient-focused approach to your animal’s care. 

Why use a vet physio?

Animals suffer from a wide range of neurological, joint, muscle, ligament and tendon problems just like we do. Jill Hall, a Chartered Physiotherapist, can help with:

  • Muscle weakness, lameness and pain following orthopaedic surgery such as hip replacement, CCL repair or spinal surgery
  • Equine back pain arising from trauma, lameness or saddle fit problems
  • Managing long term conditions such as hip dysplasia, osteoarthritis or spinal pain
  • Soreness following soft tissue injuries such as tendon rupture or muscle tear
  • Performance problems in both horses and dogs
  • Treatments for elderly animals to maintain fitness and wellbeing.

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In accordance with the law, veterinary consent is needed before I can treat any animal.

All animals require a formal referral from a vet to see a Chartered Physiotherapist. This is to protect the animal by ensuring that the physiotherapist is made aware of any condition which may affect your animal’s treatment or progress. This protection is enshrined in the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966, and ensures good communication between physiotherapist and vet.